Putting a gender lens on COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) funded research

Drs Rosemary Morgan & Clare Wenham introduced Putting a gender lens on COVID-19 funded research, as recently published in the Lancet, at FORGEN's workshop highlighting gender equality challenges in research and innovation funding during the current pandemic.

About the speakers

Dr Rosemary Morgan is on faculty at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in the Department of International Health. She has expertise in gender and gender analysis in health and health systems. She currently leads the Sex and Gender Analysis Core for the NIH funded Sex and Age Differences in Immunity to Influenza Center.

Dr Clare Wenham is Assistant Professor of Global Health Policy. Dr Wenham's work mostly falls in the cross-over between global health and international relations focusing on gender, global health security and global health governance. Her recent research has concentrated on Zika, Ebola, and more broadly, on the governance structures of the global health landscape and global disease control.